Love Yourself. Go Surfing.

insecurities be damned.

I had just spent three hours surfing

I entered the water by Treasure’s Cove and allowed the current and peeling rights to take me down the beach about a mile. When I finally got out I had a long walk ahead of me with my board.

I felt strong.

I was tired, but as I walked I could feel my muscles–feel my body working as a unit, and the confidence in my movement. I looked up just as a golf cart  with two little girls passed by.  They appeared to be about ten years old. I smiled and waved, and as  they waved back, a look filled the eyes of one of the girls…it was a look that said, “I want to do that” and “I could do that.” She looked hopeful. Both of these girls were a little bit overweight, and the brief interaction caused my mind to reel. 

Instantly, I was transported back to being a 15-year-old girl who just received my first surfboard. My group of friends spent hours each day in the water and I needed board shorts, so we went to the local surf shop. I remember the largest size they had was XL and I couldn’t get them past my thighs. My friends walked out with bags of cute bathing suits… I bought some surfwax.

Don’t Let it Stop You

Personally, my main insecurity is weight. I have struggled with my size since I can remember. I have had years where I’ve felt great and years that shame is a close friend. Weight may not be an issue you deal with. Whatever your issues are–and we all have them–I want to encourage you… Don’t let it stop you! Insecurities are a viscous cycle. If you think you cannot do an activity because you are too short, clumsy, overweight, or weak, and you never try it, how will you ever know?


More importantly, how will you ever get better?

Love yourself.

I would be lying if I told you I didn’t cringe when I first saw this photo. All of my insecurities scream at me trying to distract me from the true story… Me. Beautiful me, enjoying my favorite sport, loving the life I live. 

Spring is here, get outside! Is there anything that you love to do or have always wanted to do, but you’re too filled with anxiety to actually do it? Think about it, write it down, list why it bothers you, and then tell me how you feel when you’ve finally done it. 

Call a friend, ask for support, research online. Whatever you need to do to remove the boundaries between you and what you really want in life. If I can, I know you can – insecurities be damned!

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Want to Learn?

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